Domestic external wall insulation

Domestic External Wall Insulation

The benefits of external wall insulation in your home

Lower heating bills

Having external wall insulation installed can significantly reduce the amount of money outlaid on heating bills, around 45% of the total heat loss in buildings is through walls so as you can imagine having the insulation installed keeps the heat where it should be, inside your home, and keeps your money where it should be, in your bank account!

Improved property appearance

With our range of finishes the render we can vastly improve the look of your property, we have have worked on a number of older properties to bring them right up to date, see the image below for a quick example!

Solid Wall Insulation

Minimal Maintenance

During installation the inside of your property remains untouched and the external. The rendering system offers protection against UV rays from sunlight, rain and cracking. renders also have “nano-quartz” technology for great repellency against dirt and further resistance to algae growth producing a cleaner looking property for longer without the need for painting.

Reducing your carbon footprint

The reduction on heat loss through the walls of your property will also lead to reduction in your carbon footprint, so as well as saving money you’re doing your bit for the environment.

Why choose Les Stirland Plastering Contractor

Over the 20 years of trading the quality of the product we use and the application has remained our priority.  As such, the systems we currently use have proved to be head and shoulders above the rest and this has led to huge savings on our clients’ energy bills and has also drastically reduced their carbon footprint.


We are willing to answer any questions you have regarding the application of External wall insulation to your property along with free no obligation quotes where required, simply contact us with any questions here.

Exterior Insulated Render Systems

Over the years we have had a great relationship with various external wall insulation system manufacturers and our vast knowledge of these renders and the application of these gives us the perfect setup for any job, whether it be a commercial or domestic property and on both retrofit/refurbishment or new build project.

Please contact us for information on the range of colours and finishes available.


Working alongside these system manufacturers we are also able to offer a 10 year guarantee on all insulated and non-insulated rendering projects we carry out.  This gives you, the customer,  peace of mind and from LSPC’s point of view shows our own confidence in the rendering systems we put in place.

See our quality & guarantees page here for more information on the guarantees offered with our external wall insulation.

More information on the external wall insulation system used..

External Wall Insulation

Our external wall insulation system is typically made up of 7 additional layers to the substrate…

  1. Substrate
  2. Adhesive
  3. Insulation Board
  4. Bedding Mortar
  5. Reinforcement
  6. Bedding Mortar
  7. Primer
  8. Decorative Finish

External Wall Insulation and Rendering Requirements

Prior to your property being considered for external wall insulation, there are a few points to be considered:

  1. Is the substrate suitable to take the weight of the external wall insulation system?
  2. What is the property construction?  solid brickwork, blockwork, non-traditional, prefabricated something else?  Is there an existing cladding  in place?  Is the property already rendered?  Is it sound enough to carry the new system?
  3. Can the property be adequately scaffolded? Scaffold costs are an additional cost to the application of external wall insulation and render system.  The cost of this work can vary and is dependant upon many factors – locality, difficulty of erection?!, access issues and the like.
  4. Are other works required – replacements windows? Are the new windows to remain?  Are the existing cills deep enough to cap the new external wall insulation system?  New soffits and fascias?  Any other building works?
  5. What adaptation works may be required? All plumbing works which need to pass through the new insulation system will need to be extended as will the flues for wall mounted gas boilers, soil and vent pipes, bathroom and sink wastes etc.  Rainwater and downpipes can usually be temporarily disconnected and re-connected when the new system is in place.  All these works incur additional costs.
  6. Fences to be moved?
  7. Satellite dishes to be temporarily disconnected and re-fixed?
  8. What electrical works on the external face of the building will be required?  Are there external lights, burglar alarms etc?

Whatever the requirements LSPC are able to advise, cost and carry out all necessary preparatory works prior to the installation of the external wall insulation system.

Full costings can be can arranged following a discussion about insulation types and aesthetic finishes, U value calculations and condensation risk analyses will be prepared.  A full project specification will then be arranged to include for all works.

Some of our recent domestic external wall insulation and rendering work….

Collier Avenue, Mansfield

Collier Avenue, Mansfield

LSPC supplied and fitted a 100mm Mineral Fibre External Wall Insulation System with a traditional … See More

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